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Dr. Milne will work closely with your family dentist and if required other dental specialists to provide comprehensive quality care with a team approach.

When making decisions regarding dental and health care, we recommend that patients be completely informed of the benefits and risks involved in the treatment choices that are
suggested. As orthodontists, our knowledge and experience is available for the asking and we will do our utmost to explain any aspect of treatment or care that you would like clarified. As professionals, we are always striving to improve our techniques and modalities of care, all the time being aware of the scientific principles behind our treatment decisions. Your best interest and well being come first.

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Dentists moonlighting as orthodontists can make for costly smile.

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Dr. Milne evaluates each case and structures a treatment plan to achieve maximum result.

Life with Braces

The most common bracket (braces) that we use is the Damon system.

When to Start Treatment?

Our patient range in age from 4 to 71!


Why Choose Dr. Milne?

Dr. Milne is an active member of the Canadian Association of Orthodontists and served as president of the association.

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