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About Orthodontist Fees

We feel that orthodontic treatment is a worthwhile investment in the future of you or your child's dental and general health. Orthodontic fees can vary from patient to patient depending on the time needed for active correction of the bite problem, as well as the type of braces and appliances that may be needed during the course of treatment. When comparing orthodontic fees, one must be careful to be objective. From office to office, the type and quality of materials, actual treatment time, the degree of personalized attention given, staff competence and level of technology, will vary significantly.

We are constantly taking continuing education courses, and meeting with colleagues to discuss new treatment modalities. In order to maintain your safety, we employ universal precautions for sterilization and always use the best quality new materials. We have never used recycled braces or wires.In order to make the financial aspect of treatment fit into your budget, we offer the ability to spread the total fee over the estimated time of active treatment. We offer many flexible options to work with you to make orthodontics affordable. In most cases, we require an initial fee of approximately 35 % of the total estimate. The balance can be divided, interest free, over the remaining treatment period, either monthly or quarterly. It is important to remember that your individualized payment schedule is not synchronize
with the frequency of visits for adjustments.

All of our full treatment fees are all-inclusive. This means that the total fee quoted includes all diagnostic records, appliances, wires, braces, retainers, and includes all of the office visits during active treatment. The only exception is for replacement of lost appliances or retainers. Once you are in the retention phase of your treatment there is a fee of 50$ for each visit.

For your convenience, we gladly accept VISA, MasterCard, personal cheques or cash for all payments. In addition, we can arrange to automatically electronically withdraw your monthly payments from your VISA or MasterCard account. For Orthodontic Insurance information, please visit: http://www.cao-aco.org/MEDIA/Insurance.html

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The most common bracket (braces) that we use is the Damon system.

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