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Facial Types

Class I

Normal maxilla to mandible skeletal relationship. Patient may have many dental problems such as crowding or excess space, crossbites anterior or posterior, missing teeth or extra teeth.

Class II

There is a difference between the maxilla and the mandible. There are many variations of maxillary and mandibular relationships are classified as class II division I and class II
division 2.

The dental structures compensate to the skeletal problem resulting in typical proclined incisors or a deep bite, when the incisors are retroclined.

The same type of dental problems can also be present, ie., crowding or spaces or missing teeth.

Class III

Skeletal problems can be due to various combinations of maxilla to mandible. For instance, excess mandibular development, either vertical or horizontal can be present with a normal maxilla. Other combinations could be deficient maxilla and normal mandible; again various dental problems can be present.

Although we are showing typical profile patterns, it is obvious there are many skeletal variations within each profile type that will require different diagnosis and treatment planning.
An orthodontist has the extra education and training to recognize these variations in skeletal and dental relationships and design appropriate treatment plans.


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