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Bite Turbos are small acrylic pads that are bonded to the tongue side of the upper front teeth or to the molars. They are a temporary addition to your treatment, and are used to correct excessive overbites. Wearing Bite Turbos can reduce the amount of time spent in braces by 4-6 months. The rapid increase in the speed of overbite is how they earned their name "Bite Turbo"!

When Bite Turbos are initially placed the back of the teeth will not come completely together when chewing. This is temporary condition, and eating soft foods for the first week will allow you to tolerate this new type of bite. Your speech may be slightly affected, but usually returns to normal within a week.

It is highly unlikely that a Bite Turbo will break loose. If one Bite Turbo does come off, it's not a problem. If you lose them both, please give us a call - we will probably replace them for you if the overbite still needs more correction.


Bite Turbos        Bite Turbos

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